Connecting the best in the world

Row Capital provides transactional advisory services for middle-market companies and investment firms engaging in cross-border activities between developed and developing countries.

The so-called BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China—were once relegated to “rest of world (ROW)” status. Now, the rest of the world is fast becoming the best of the world in terms of economic growth and potential market opportunity.

Row Capital was founded in response to a need for connectors between investors in developed countries such as the US and the UK and companies in ROW markets. Leveraging years of experience in BRIC countries, Row Capital's team works to connect and advise executives looking to develop unique and visionary approaches to global markets.

Gateway India: Market entry and beyond

To specifically service the growing demand from UK and US based corporations for expertise and guidance on market entry into India, Row Capital established a specialist advisory section.

The Gateway India team has an enviable record of success in working with a wide range of clients across several business sectors.

The consulting staff come from a variety of corporate and public sector backgrounds and are united by proven achievements in their respective careers which encompass business management, banking, engineering, commercial law, aerospace, IT, and construction. They are advised and supported on a strategic level by individuals who have served in prominent judicial, diplomatic and military roles.

In modern India’s fast paced world of competitive business, the firm offers insight into issues which impact market entry and development. It is particularly well placed to understand and handle issues of government economic and business policy.

Significantly our team members have the ability to:
    • Provide access to the appropriate officials and expedite central, regional and local government decisions
    • Identify, establish and manage potential
    • Minimise and where possible eradicate systemic delays
    • Anticipate and manage risks
    • Recognize and nurture potential markets and develop a strategy and vision for market entry and business development

Experience, professionalism and integrity are the other key factors which underpin our success and facilitate the key strategic access and influence that we can deliver.

Our UK base and knowledge means that we understand the modus operandi and aspirations of British / Western companies while offering a “gateway” into India based on a comprehension of its complex business culture.






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